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Just wanted to say Thank You for inviting at the 'Mela' held on September 10th. My whole family attended the 'Mela' and thoroughly enjoyed it. The venue and the weather both were beautiful. I must commend the organization of this whole event. I can imagine how many days/months the organizing committee might have spent in putting this wonderful event together. The fact that people came out in such a large number speaks to the quality of the event. We really witnessed the true Indian culture manifested in the form of music, dance, dress and food. The event catered to the needs of all age groups. I know my kids were hesitant to leave the place and insisted to stay longer. Even on our way back home, they asked 'when we'll come to see this again?'.

We really had a wonderful time and look forward to the invitation for next event!

Yasir Dildar

A wonderful event. As always ICA puts out the best. Mela is a real show-case of south asian culture. The Board and volunteers have to be applauded for their work to share these culture with the community. Congratulations.

Ariarani Ariaratnam

A great Mela.

Prabhu Srivastava - Cambridge

I live in Cambridge. I visited this Mela today. I enjoyed it very much. A grat event.


Its absolutely wonderful to see the entire community come together. find it, as a mother, that it gives my kids a chance to experience their roots and learn more about their culture.

Unknown Visitor